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> The ill fated GM EV-1 (Who Killed the Electric Car?) failed due to 
> insufficient range. One hundred miles under ideal conditions before needing an 8 hour 
> recharge (lead acid batteries). Could be as low as 40 miles if you drove at 
> night with the A/C or heater on. 

  I dunno, a hundred miles for a commute?  Seems like anything over 
that is more of a "trip" even if it is a daily work/school commute.  
Electric cars are great for basically one thing in only two areas of 
the country.  City driving:  Getting groceries, running to work, etc. 
Most of which don't need more than 50miles/day at most, plus some 
safety room... a small generator?  Oh that's a hybrid!  ;-)  The 
practicality of USING one only fits if your electricity comes from 
hydro or nuclear.  Otherwise your power comes from fossil.  Not 
much different than just sticking it in your tank and much lighter 
than all the batteries. 
  Remember, other than a few farads in a hurking capacitor, we can't
store electricity (leyden jars are a capacitor!)  ;-)  They don't hold 
much.  A battery doesn't store electricty.  It's a chemical reaction 
chamber that releases lots of electrons.  A potato can too but in 
much smaller amounts, for those that have seen or done the "run an 
electric clock on a potato" experiment.

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