[Vwdiesel] Brake boost failure....Update.

mark shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Dec 17 19:22:40 PST 2008

One further possible quirk noticed just before getting home, is that it 
appeared that vaccuum drops 2 or 3 inches when making a sharpish rh turn!!!
Further investigation needed I think :lol:  Does orientation[ rotation] of 
vane pump have any effect upon operation?

Quantum Bentley $46 delivered to UK. I suppose it is a heavy book. but I 
thought we were the 52 state of America ;op


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> Vac  holds  for hours. In fact there may be a residue overnight!  Plenty 
> of lubrication in chamber.  This morning ran to town. No vaccuum on gauge, 
> until driven  a mile or so , and then it returned completely within a few 
> seconds. Operates every trip  immediately, and hot  or cold reaches about 
> 23 in wg. Problem must be with the vanes somehow.  Temp this morning was 
> around zero. Car windows iced yet no ground frost.
> Maybe there is too much oil?
> More pointers please.
> Mark
> Sniped  a Quantum Bentley a few days ago  for $6, alas postage may kill me 
> though!
> >

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