[Vwdiesel] Brake boost failure....Update.

mark shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Dec 18 04:07:47 PST 2008

OK today's [Thursday] report:
Temperature this morning 5 to 10  deg C. Upon starting the car and operating 
brake, gauge rose to about 5" WG, and then died. Revving engine did nothing. 
Possibly residue escaping from last night?
Vaccuum began appearing within about 1/4 of a mile of yesterday's point 
[before it].

Been good all morning. 'RH Turn' effect may just be nothing.

The opened out pump couldn't be simpler; but does any one have an accurate 

For example, apart from centrifugal force, does the oil actually force the 
vanes apart, or is it just a lubricant?
I guess I'll have to run it with the lid off and watch for a fountain :o)

Farmer Joe  have you cut one open? LOL


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> One further possible quirk noticed just before getting home, is that it
> appeared that vaccuum drops 2 or 3 inches when making a sharpish rh 
> turn!!!
> Further investigation needed I think :lol:  Does orientation[ rotation] of
> vane pump have any effect upon operation?
> Quantum Bentley $46 delivered to UK. I suppose it is a heavy book. but I
> thought we were the 52 state of America ;op
> Mark
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>> Vac  holds  for hours. In fact there may be a residue overnight!  Plenty
>> of lubrication in chamber.  This morning ran to town. No vaccuum on 
>> gauge,
>> until driven  a mile or so , and then it returned completely within a few
>> seconds. Operates every trip  immediately, and hot  or cold reaches about
>> 23 in wg. Problem must be with the vanes somehow.  Temp this morning was
>> around zero. Car windows iced yet no ground frost.
>> Maybe there is too much oil?
>> More pointers please.
>> Mark
>> Sniped  a Quantum Bentley a few days ago  for $6, alas postage may kill 
>> me
>> though!
>> >
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