[Vwdiesel] Rear wheel drive not quite diesel

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun Dec 21 17:54:56 PST 2008

Thanks, I did Brian, very nice.
That was a Lotus 7 that was driven by Patrick McGoohan in the 60's sci 
fi series *The Prisoner*, wasn't it?
Very nice.
too little time, too many cars...

decker at toledotel.com wrote:
> I will check out UTube for the aerial atom. You might goggle Locost car. It
> is a Lotus 7 knock-off that has a pretty large bunch of builders. I had an
> all fiberglass Lotus Elite Coupe in the mid 60's. Colin Chapman was a
> wizard. A less than 1300 lb. road car with a 78 horse single overhead cam
> Coventry Climax engine. The suspension was all independent. Basically it was
> his Formula 2 road racer in a monocoque all fiberglass body. No heater, no
> radio, no engine fan !! but the best handling car I have ever driven. I
> dearly wanted a Lotus 7 roadster but they were new at the time and I didn't
> have enough money to buy one.
> Brian Decker
> Western Washington
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>> You checked out an aerial atom Brian?
>> Search utube for the top gear episode where they reviewed it, hilarious
>> as usual, but quite the spectacular review for a little baby car with
> 300hp.
>> I need to get to work on a chassis for one, and power it with a torsen
>> diff'ed 1Z drivetrain. It would be a hoot for 4 months of the year.
>> -j
>> Patrick Dolan wrote:
>>> Acme makes adapter to some Toyota bolt pattern.  The off-roaders use it
> a lot.
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>>>> If anyone would have it Brian, Kennedy Engineered Products would.
>>>> They
>>>> are the adapter go-to people.
>>>> http://www.kennedyeng.com/
>>>> -james
>>>> decker at toledotel.com wrote:
>>>>>     I'm thinking if building a Lotus 7 replica using a VW 2 ltr
>>>> 20 valve
>>>>> turbo 4 banger that I recently acquired. The lure of a couple of
>>>> hundred> horses in a 1500 lb. car pulls strong. I haven't heard of
>>>> any rear wheel
>>>>> drive tranny adapter available. An Audi clutch, some steel
>>>> plate, a plasma
>>>>> torch and a welder may be the only option. Has anyone heard of
>>>> an adapter to
>>>>> hook a VW 4 banger to a rear wheel drive tranny?
>>>>> Brian Decker
>>>>> Western Washington
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