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Sun Dec 21 18:49:16 PST 2008

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decker at toledotel.com writes:

>   Another of my phantom projects that being as I'm 69 years old I might
> not get to is a Renault X 19 fitted with a 1.6 VW turbo diesel with an
> intercoller. 80 torque filled horses and 50 mpg in a light mid engine coupe
> ought to be a hoot.

 Isn't that a Fiat?  They look fun but the guy I bought my 914 from said he 
sat in one once...  Took two salesmen to pull him out of it!  He was 6'4" 
and said he could keep his hat on in the 914!  Used to see quite a few 
X-19's around.  I suspect most have been crushed like the Pinto's, Dashers,
etc.  :-(

>   This May I have reservations on the Alaska ferry for my wife and I plus
> my 67 GMC Open Road motor home. We plan to get off at Skagway, drive up
> through Alaska and back down through Canada to home here in Western
> Washington. Someday I'm planning to convert the motor home to diesel but I
> won't get around to it before this trip

  Hey, a 5.7 would be a near drop in wouldn't it?  ;-)

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