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Your right. I don't know what made me say Renault when I meant Fiat. I may
be a little heavy but I'm only 5 foot 6 inches tall and I love my Rabbit
pickup which kills my friends that are over 6 feet tall. I see a Fiat X19
parked once in a while but I haven't seen one on the road in a while. I see
very few Rabbit sedans any more but around here Rabbit pickups are fairly
common. I probably have more Dashers than anyone around. I have 2 Dasher
station wagons and a 4 door sedan. All are diesels and they all run. Dashers
were pretty much all low geared 4 speeds but if you put a tall 5 speed in
one you have a comfortable 50 mpg touring car.
    A 6.2 or 6.5 GM diesel would be a straight bolt in. through out a few
wires and go to the muffler shop and it's done. This 67 GMC Openroad motor
home drives straight and true. It didn't have many miles on it.
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> >   Another of my phantom projects that being as I'm 69 years old I might
> > not get to is a Renault ( oops Fiat) X 19 fitted with a 1.6 VW turbo
diesel with an
> > intercoller. 80 torque filled horses and 50 mpg in a light mid engine
> > ought to be a hoot.
>  Isn't that a Fiat?  They look fun but the guy I bought my 914 from said
> sat in one once...  Took two salesmen to pull him out of it!  He was 6'4"
> and said he could keep his hat on in the 914!  Used to see quite a few
> X-19's around.  I suspect most have been crushed like the Pinto's,
> etc.  :-(
> >   This May I have reservations on the Alaska ferry for my wife and I
> > my 67 GMC Open Road motor home. We plan to get off at Skagway, drive up
> > through Alaska and back down through Canada to home here in Western
> > Washington. Someday I'm planning to convert the motor home to diesel but
> > won't get around to it before this trip
> >
>   Hey, a 5.7 would be a near drop in wouldn't it?  ;-)
>     Loren
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