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James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun Dec 21 19:22:00 PST 2008

I wasn't much for tv in the 60's either , but saw it in the 80's on re-runs.
The X19 sounds interesting, but as Loren pointed out, small cockpit for 
me too.
You'll love the trip, BTDT.  My family & I used to mine near Dawson 
City, I grew up with grizzlies and gold pans, and learned to drive on 
skinny mining roads.  You'll love the drive from Tok to Dawson.  It's 
spectacular.  Whole trip is pretty much a great one however, but the top 
of the world highway is off the scale.  Parents and I did the trip in 
reverse from this side in 1976, getting off the Malaspina at Prince Rupert.
Man has it changed from back then. The road is all black now, and it's 
turned into a tourist zone when it used to be mining country.

decker at toledotel.com wrote:
>  Hi James;
>        I didn't have a television in the 60's I was driving sports cars,
> racing bicycles both on the track and the road plus chasing a skirt or two.
>     Another of my phantom projects that being as I'm 69 years old I might
> not get to is a Renault X 19 fitted with a 1.6 VW turbo diesel with an
> intercoller. 80 torque filled horses and 50 mpg in a light mid engine coupe
> ought to be a hoot.
>     This May I have reservations on the Alaska ferry for my wife and I plus
> my 67 GMC Open Road motor home. We plan to get off at Skagway, drive up
> through Alaska and back down through Canada to home here in Western
> Washington. Someday I'm planning to convert the motor home to diesel but I
> won't get around to it before this trip
> Brian Decker
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>> Thanks, I did Brian, very nice.
>> That was a Lotus 7 that was driven by Patrick McGoohan in the 60's sci
>> fi series *The Prisoner*, wasn't it?
>> Very nice.
>> too little time, too many cars...
>> -james
>> decker at toledotel.com wrote:
>>> I will check out UTube for the aerial atom. You might goggle Locost car.
> It
>>> is a Lotus 7 knock-off that has a pretty large bunch of builders. I had
> an
>>> all fiberglass Lotus Elite Coupe in the mid 60's. Colin Chapman was a
>>> wizard. A less than 1300 lb. road car with a 78 horse single overhead
> cam
>>> Coventry Climax engine. The suspension was all independent. Basically it
> was
>>> his Formula 2 road racer in a monocoque all fiberglass body. No heater,
> no
>>> radio, no engine fan !! but the best handling car I have ever driven. I
>>> dearly wanted a Lotus 7 roadster but they were new at the time and I
> didn't
>>> have enough money to buy one.
>>> Brian Decker
>>> Western Washington
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