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Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
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My TDI is getting up there in years on its Battery as well, so I need to start shopping for one, Group 48 is what I found, same as my Audi Gasser turbo was.
Does anyone have a price on what they paid for this battery, Interstate being top of the line or Die Hard?
I have a place the makes batteries locally, I think I can get this from them for about $120

PS, need to read up on the radio stuff as I think it is a good idea to disconnect the battery when doing my Timing Belt job on the TDI one of these weekends.

Travis, did you do a timing belt yet on the 04 Golf TDI, you have ALH, not BEW motor I am guessing.??

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There is a push tab on the left and right side of the cover you reach down and push with a finger. Not much room but enough with a bare hand to do it. Don't touch or worry about the top piece unless replacing the battery. Once the cover is off there is a lot of room to jump start the car. Becareful if your battery gets to low though as you may need to re-enter your radio code. So have it handy on how to enter. It states this in the radio part of the manual and it disables things if you don't enter the code (light running the car). I have an 04 golf and the manual stated this.
Travis Gottschalk
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