[Vwdiesel] 04' battery change

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 23 05:58:01 PST 2008

Thanks Tony on the radio and battery pulling advise.  I do think I have the plastic covering off my battery at least once, but never out of the car.
Sounds like a great price for the Walmart Excide group 48 battery.  Let us know how it performs with your TDI Passat

Stay warm all.
Starting the past 2 days has been easy with the 1.6td plugged in at home, but out in the parking lot after full day of work has been rough.
Last time I swapped oil, I forgot to change over to 15W-40, so I am running 20W-50 AMSOIL still.  My battery is pretty new and can turn the motor fast enough to start, but at 10 degrees, I do not think I would be as lucky.

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If you pull the two phillips screws from the plastic right in front of the 
battery, you can remove that plastic. Then, look sown in front of the 
battery, between the front of the dcar and the battery. See the 13mm head 
bolt, it holds the bracket in place, which holds the battery in place. Pull 
it (I like the magnitic socket insertes from Sears for this) and then the 
bracket will come out. After that, I don't remember for sure. I can't seem 
to recall if you have to pull the plastic surround to pull the battery.

I seem to recall you pull the plastic, then the blanket, then the battery. 
But, like I said, not 100% sure on this one.

As for the radio, some time in 01 VW switched the radio setup. All the newer 
ones remember the code, even with no battery hooked up. However, If it gets 
pulled fro mthe car and installed into another, then you have to re-enter 
the code.

Tony Hoffman
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Subject: [Vwdiesel] 04' battery change

> This morning at -4F my 04' Jetta would not start, of course, in typical
> office clothes, it was colder than a "...." .
> Got the cover off, tried to jump it with no success, tried to boost charge
> it.... nope.
> The problem is I've never seen such an arrangement as this, a lot of 
> plastic
> and a big chuck if it in middle top of the battery.
> It wasn't obvious to me how to get the battery out, with that but chuck of
> plastic connections sitting there, no screws.
> By the time I get home tonight it will be maybe 5 F in the driveway and
> nearly dark.
> How is all this plastic held together?  Do I just snap-off ( in the cold)
> plastic and pull the battery.
> I would guess the top piece snap in to the plastic surround covering part 
> of
> backside of the battery, or are there screws somewhere I'm not seeing?
> Really appreiate any pointers.
> Thanks,
> Brian
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