[Vwdiesel] 04' battery change

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 23 06:07:26 PST 2008

One thing on the batteries manufactured for others, they are not the same 
internally as the brand name ones. I have a friend that worked for Exide for 
years, and he had some very lengthy explinations (that I don't remember all 
of) as to why they weren't as good. One thing was the number and quality of 
the lead plates in them.

At any rate, what he said, and I believe is, you get what you pay for in 
this case. The one exception is "blems". These are batteries that have 
imperfections in the case somewhere, and can be had for cheaper because of 
this (sort of like scratch and dent appliances).

I buy Exide or Interstate batteries only (mostly Interstate lately) and have 
had great luck with them in both extreme heat as well as extreme cold.

Tony Hoffman
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Thanks Tony on the radio and battery pulling advise. I do think I have the 
plastic covering off my battery at least once, but never out of the car.
Sounds like a great price for the Walmart Excide group 48 battery. Let us 
know how it performs with your TDI Passat

Stay warm all.
Starting the past 2 days has been easy with the 1.6td plugged in at home, 
but out in the parking lot after full day of work has been rough.
Last time I swapped oil, I forgot to change over to 15W-40, so I am running 
20W-50 AMSOIL still. My battery is pretty new and can turn the motor fast 
enough to start, but at 10 degrees, I do not think I would be as lucky.

Bryan Belman, Pt. Pleasant, NJ
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