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Tue Dec 23 10:51:30 PST 2008

I have the BEW engine with 62,000 miles and the dealer and the repair books say between 90 and 100K for a timing belt change. I am not looking forward to it but I also only drive this about 20 k a year. I like to drive my rabbits around town and the Golf on the long trips. The only thing I have had to do to this since I got the car only in late summer at 58k miles is an oil change and I put a metal belly pan on and did the other filters. I haven't had to touch the battery yet but I read up on it incase and I was just stating what the manual said. Maybe the car does remember the code but you still should remember/have the code somewhere just incase. No sense being stranded. 
Also you may want to make sure you have the lug nut security tool in the car if you have that style of nuts/bolt. It is only one per wheel but there is no way to change a flat tire without it. My car didn't have it and I may the used car place change the lug to a normal style. My parents changed theirs out as well (after my brother finally found the tool in the glove box after about 1 hour looking. 
Enjoy the car and I would advise getting a Bentley manual and looking on tdiclube.com as you can get parts and formums to answer questions, tips for power and MPG improvements and common problems with each type of TDI (mine being cam faulure do to wrong oil, the previous engine was carbon in the turbo vanes I think and the EGR).
Travis G
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