[Vwdiesel] Piston size stamp and associated markings

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Thanks, Loren. Looks like I have to tear everything down, check the bores and make decisions after that. Still learning.
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> What I am trying to determine is: Are the pistons in both engines standard 
> or oversize?

  The size states the diamater of the piston.  76.48 is std, 1.5 with 
a bore diameter of 76.51mm  Supposedly they come in 76.49 and 
.50 as well.  First over would be a dealer only piston and .25mm 
larger at 76.73mm.  2nd is available aftermarket at .50mm over. 
3rd is dealer only at .75mm over and 4th is 1.00mm over sized 
and again, available aftermarket (or dealer).  Catch now is that 
1.5L pistons are obsolete from the dealer OR aftermarket so all 
you can get is to be lucky and come across some NOS pistons 
or have custom ones made.
  I think the + and - have to do with the weight group where the 
numbers can vary by "honing group".

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