[Vwdiesel] A2 jetta heater fan and cabin filter

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 29 09:24:59 PST 2008

Thanks Sandy, I do have working AC if you can believe it.
Sound like an easy thing to fix in the garage with some heat.

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At 07:49 AM 29/12/2008 -0800, you wrote:
>Does a 92 Jetta have a cabin filter?
>How hard is it to get at the heater fan?  Do you have to remove the entire
distribution/heater box like on an Audi or Vanagon.
>My fan squeels horribly until it heats up in the cold weather and some good
lube will give it some more life.
>The fan seems to be behind the glove box, possible seperate from the heater
box with controls and heater core????

In cars with A/C,  (See non-A/C below) the fan is mounted behind the glove
compartment, which must be removed to get at it. Not a big deal. It is also
necessary to remove the bolt / screw at the end of the dash close to the
right front door post, and pry it toward the rear, in order to get the fan
motor down past the lower edge of the dash. 

I think there are 6 fairly large Philips screws holding the assy in.

When you get it out, the rear bearing is easy to get at. The fan end is a
little more difficult.
If you can get the fan off the shaft, the front bearing is exposed and can
be lubed. If the fan is rusted on to the shaft, The simplest thng to do is
drill a hole through its hub, close to the , and parallel to the shaft, and
use a lube tube to get lube to the bearing, which is just below the hub.

Non-A/C is so much simpler. The fan is smaller, mounted vertically, and no
tools are required.  Stand on your head under the dash (Or use a mirror, for

Remove any cosmetic material concealing the under dash area below and behind
the glove box.  The fan is at the extreme right of the passenger footwell.

With the fuzzy black stuff removed, you will see the bottom of the fan/motor
assembly projecting downwards. It rotates (CCW?) to dissengage and drop out
. There is a latch tab that must be pressed to allow it to rotate.
There are no other fasteners to remove

You should remove the 4 pin plug when you get to it, lower the fan assy and
take it to the bench

Good luck


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