[Vwdiesel] odometer gear

Chris Jude vegbenz300 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 10:38:54 PST 2008

So I took apart my odometer this last week to figure out why the trip and
odometer were not spinning.  I found that one of the main drive gears on the
side of the  odometer was cracked, but that the gears on the shaft seemed to
be tight enough and not slipping.  The  odometer only has about 158K
registered on it, and I don't think its more than 20-30K miles off.
I took the gear off and drilled the center out just a bit and tried to
superglue the crack, but when I put it back together and put it in the dash,
the odometer worked for about 4/10ths of a mile then quit.  I think the
superglue didn't quite work and the gear probably needs to be replaced.  I
called up Tacoma Speedometer and they told me they weren't legally able to
sell parts individally for these, that I'd need to pay $120 for a rebuild.
I'm not too interested in that option.
So does anyone have any ideas for finding one of these gears?
i did successfully fix the dash lights, and it's like a whole new car being
able to see my speed and fuel level at night!


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