[Vwdiesel] odometer gear

David Schwarze dschwarze at dfwair.net
Sat Mar 1 13:50:56 PST 2008

I went to the junkyard and started pulling speedos from European cars 
until I found a replacement.  Without exception, every VW speedo had the 
same gear cracked.  I finally found an older BMW with the same sized 
gear made out of what looked like brass.  I have been using that ever 
since, many tens of thousands of miles without another problem.  Sorry 
but I can't remember exactly what model it was out of, but it was 
eighties vintage.


Chris Jude wrote:
> So I took apart my odometer this last week to figure out why the trip and
> odometer were not spinning.  I found that one of the main drive gears on the
> side of the  odometer was cracked, but that the gears on the shaft seemed to
> be tight enough and not slipping.  The  odometer only has about 158K
> registered on it, and I don't think its more than 20-30K miles off.
> I took the gear off and drilled the center out just a bit and tried to
> superglue the crack, but when I put it back together and put it in the dash,
> the odometer worked for about 4/10ths of a mile then quit.  I think the
> superglue didn't quite work and the gear probably needs to be replaced.  I
> called up Tacoma Speedometer and they told me they weren't legally able to
> sell parts individally for these, that I'd need to pay $120 for a rebuild.
> I'm not too interested in that option.
> So does anyone have any ideas for finding one of these gears?

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