[Vwdiesel] What type of PS steering fluid to use when changing pump

mikitka mikitka at embarqmail.com
Wed Mar 5 14:15:16 PST 2008

I completely flushed my PS system. I drained the tank, pulled the line
return line off the PS pump and let it all drain out, Then filled it up with
clean Valvoline High Mileage PS fluid, ran it a day and then did the same
thing.  It took about a quart and a half for the fluid to come out the same
color as it went in. It has been in there for 40k miles now with no issues.
I ran across a bunch of Royal Purple PS fluid and was going to put it in
next time I get a free moment.


Hi all, just wondering, on an A2 1992 Jetta, I am
going to be changing the PS pump and plastic fluid
reservoir, so I want to put all new fluid in, what do
I need, anything special or off the shelf PS fluid ?

My Audi was specific stuff, but I do not think that is
the case with VW front ends?

Thanks, Bryan

Bryan Belman, Pt Pleasant, NJ
04 Jetta Wagon TDI PD, 100hp, 5sp   -- running :)
82 Diesel Westy 1.9NA               -- running :)
92 Jetta 1.6 Eco-Turbo Diesel       -- running :)
90 Audi 200, 2.2L Turbo FWD         -- stripping for parts now :(
70 Type 1 stock Beetle              -- Not running well :(
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