[Vwdiesel] What type of PS steering fluid to use when changing pump

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 16:56:21 PST 2008

Thanks all, I did not get to it this evening, but will
pick up the fluid tomorrow for this weekend, I hope,
to complete the job.


--- Kneale Brownson <knealeski at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I use Shell Tellus 32 T  (the T is an important part
> of the description), which is an hydraulic oil with
> a wide range of temperature performance
> capabilities, in my Jetta TD.  I even use it in my
> Audis if I have a system leak I can't get to right
> away.  I resealed an Audi V8 PS pump after going all
> winter with the Tellus, and there was no sign of
> wear on the internals.  I bought the Shell in a
> 5-gallon pail for about $40, which at today's prices
> for VW or Audi hydraulic fluids would buy a couple
> quarts.
> Bryan Belman <dieselwesty at yahoo.com> wrote:  Hi all,
> just wondering, on an A2 1992 Jetta, I am
> going to be changing the PS pump and plastic fluid
> reservoir, so I want to put all new fluid in, what
> do
> I need, anything special or off the shelf PS fluid ?
> My Audi was specific stuff, but I do not think that
> is
> the case with VW front ends?

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