[Vwdiesel] Need turbo pump part

dieseltdi at verizon.net dieseltdi at verizon.net
Thu Mar 6 18:31:07 PST 2008

I am about to try reworking a spare 1.9 AAZ TD injection pump.  In  
order to increase the fueling I need the rubber disc and rod that is  
found inside the "spaceship" (LDA) on top of the pump.  I think this  
is called the enrichment diaphram.  I would rather not buy a whole  
pump but if anyone has a trashed pump that is unrebuildable and  
wouldn't mind selling just that part, I would appreciate the  
opportunity to buy it from you.  Baring that, does anyone know of a  
source for this part?  Tia  Hayden

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