[Vwdiesel] glow cycle dysfuntion needing advice

raymond greeley rgreeley2 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 10 12:01:11 PDT 2008

Hello all, the car is a 91 jetta 16v gasser that was converted to diesel by th mech
i purchased from, in may 07. It has a 1.9 with turbo and runs very well. It has started well
in this chicago winter though i only started it a dozen times as i was away from chicago
for most of the winter.  what it does is after being warmed up & shut down for say 0 to 30 min. 
it will not go through a glow cycle and thus requires 10+seconds of cranking to restart.
I presume from bentley that the coolant sensor is reading warm and bypassing the glow
cycle. would a cold sensor show no continuity or an open circut.Am I correct in believing it is the sensor on the motors back end closer to the firewall. as i compare the wiring harness to the book it would appear to be color coded correctly,say that fast. so....... I presume it is
a sensor issue and wondered if could disconnect same until I am able to purchase another.
thanks, ray
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