[Vwdiesel] Rabbit door handles

Dan Sloan dan.sloan at DRAKE.EDU
Mon Mar 10 13:35:28 PDT 2008


If this is the '84 and earlier rabbit..it's probably a broken casting.

Have you just tried replacing the handle?  The quick access is to pry out
the metal cover strip (on the handle) from one end, and unscrew with a
medium size Phillips driver.  If I remember correctly its one screw on the
outside and one in line with the handle, but on the side of the door. (above
the actual latch)
Here's a catalog listing:

-- Dan

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hello all
I am now crawling in and out of the back hatch to lock/unlock my doors
driver's side won't lock/unlock from outside w/ key
pass side trigger on handle is fully depressed into handle and does  
nothing, again from outside

is there anywhere to find a diagram for rebuilding these mechanisms?
anyone who has dealt with this kind of thing want to offer any advice?


Rolf in MA
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