[Vwdiesel] glow cycle dysfuntion needing advice

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As far as I'm concerned this problem is a 'normal' defect in the circuit 
design. granny's GTD that I drove today did exactly this. Only because this 
engine is in tiptop condition that it started. Once engine/coolant is at all 
warm the elementry circuit does not fire up the glowplugs. Beter off 
dismantling the coolant sensor andrelying on auto on everytimeignition is 
switched on. Most circuits turn off as soon as car starts if not at starting 
itself. I can leavethis car for 4 weeks and it will start in one rotation or 
two of the crank with no smoke after 7 seconds of glowplug. Drive a mile, 
drop the kids off chat for 20 minutes and car needs 3 or 4 seconds of 
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Hello all, the car is a 91 jetta 16v gasser that was converted to diesel by 
th mech
i purchased from, in may 07. It has a 1.9 with turbo and runs very well. It 
has started well
in this chicago winter though i only started it a dozen times as i was away 
from chicago
for most of the winter.  what it does is after being warmed up & shut down 
for say 0 to 30 min.
it will not go through a glow cycle and thus requires 10+seconds of cranking 
to restart.
I presume from bentley that the coolant sensor is reading warm and bypassing 
the glow
cycle. would a cold sensor show no continuity or an open circut.Am I correct 
in believing it is the sensor on the motors back end closer to the firewall. 
as i compare the wiring harness to the book it would appear to be color 
coded correctly,say that fast. so....... I presume it is
a sensor issue and wondered if could disconnect same until I am able to 
purchase another.
thanks, ray

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