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> I've seen it suggested that you should take a tap and use it to cut into 
> the old bushing and pull it out.  
> That said, I have never replaced one of them when replacing a starter, and 
> have yet to see an issue because of this.  It sounds like to me that you would 
> probably have a hard time seeing this bushing and the hole it goes into on 
> the car (I'm betting the starter is back by the firewall--haven't ever played 
> with a Dasher.)
> It would be a real pain if you dropped the new bushing down into the 
> bellhousing.   I think if it were me, I *might* hold onto it and only replace it if 
> the engine or trans is ever removed.  
> Others may disagree, but that is my $.02
> Dave

  Yup, other than the right tool, that's the best way I've found 
to do it.  I've been told to get a drift or bolt that slides just inside 
it, fill the bushing halfway with grease then slide the pin in place.  
Smack with hammer and in theory the bushing pushes out.  I've 
always just ended up with a mess.  :-P
  That said, I think the Dasher has a "snout" on the starter and 
doesn't use the in-tranny bushing like the transverse mounted 
models do.  I HAVE seen those bushings so worn that the tranny 
case was worn into as well as some that were just worn badly. 

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