[Vwdiesel] Diesel Prices

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Wed Mar 12 02:23:36 PDT 2008

I have noticed the same high diesel prices here in Calif. Two stations here in Grass Valley, CA are at $3.999 & another at $4.039. Diesel is supposed to be less costly to produce unless the cost of refining ULSD has raised the overall cost. In the USA, I understand there is an extra .10 cent federal tax on diesel whereas in Europe, governments tax diesel less to try & encourage diesel use. Those members living in Europe, please correct me if I am wrong. My guess is that Big Oil is charging more for diesel because they can. After all, Bush & Chaney represent Big Oil & those who own the oil wells are the ones who are profiteering from high oil prices. With the buying up of small refineries by Big Oil, they can exert monopolistic control over oil prices. Also, USA tax policies which encourage corporations to outsource jobs to China & India has enabled those countries to grow their middle class who can now afford to buy cars has pushed up worldwide demand for oil. Also, remember in our "so called free country", DOT/EPA regulations prevent us from buying the fuel efficient cars Europeans can buy. Automakers for whatever reason are using these laws & regulations to keep fuel efficient cars out of the North American market, either to maintain a market for higher priced cars to maintain their profits, or due to influence from Big Oil, or maybe both. Note they are not allowing the sale of the 70 MPG Smart diesel because it pollutes too much(How much can a car that gets 70 MPG pollute?), but we can only get the Smart model with a gas engine that gets 42 MPG on premium gas. Why won't VW bring in their 3 cylinder Polo TDI that gets 70 MPG, & is the size of a first generation Rabbit?

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