[Vwdiesel] Diesel prices

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Mar 12 10:00:22 PDT 2008

Yeah, but you don't have pump jacks in your back yard Mark.
We do, and don't expect to have to pay a price that is representative of 
hauling it many thousands of miles.  You should be accustomed to paying 
that price by now, but to us this is a new thing, so we deserve to whine 
a bit.

as follows...

Today in Yorkton, SK Diesel is 1.12 per liter at the pump.

Biggest share of that goes to the Government, in the form of "road" 
taxes, and "sales" taxes, as it is still a percent based tax levied back 
in the 50's when fuel was free.

What keeps the prices up has little to do with usage pattern, but the 
oil companies have taken notes from the supply managed industries. 
Every time supply looks like it will become excessive, a refinery shuts 
down for "maintenance", removing the excess supply. Hardly a mystery.
Pundits can blather on about usage, etc, but every time a refinery goes 
offline, the commodity exchange reflects that.  I use around 30000 
litres a year minimum, so I pay attention.


mark shepherd wrote:
> Here in the UK
> Gasoline is £1.05 per litre. Diesel is £1.09 per litre or $7.95 and $8.24 
> per US gallon respectively.
> So stop bloody moaning you guys :o)
> Mark
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>> Here in Mexico (don't know in the border), diesel is priced at 2.03 USD 
>> per gallon (3.785Lt) PEMEX, the owned state company,  sell low sulfur 
>> diesel and PEMEX, has fixed prices. The actual government pretends to open 
>> the oil market. Aren't they generous?
>> Francisco
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