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Just a couple of comments and then I suggest we put this to bed as it is 
basically pissing into the wind or trying to put pants on a cat.
I find these discussions very funny because people who claim to be free 
market, conservative types suddenly get really upset when the free market 
hits them squarely in the pocket book and it brings out the conspiracy folks 
(Cuba is going to suck our oil out from under us?  Get serious!!).  Lets 
face it, in the US we consume TOO much fuel and now we are paying for it. 
Some how we developed the belief that it is our God given right to consume 
as much of EVERTHING that we can get our hands on the future and others be 
damned.  Not only that, but we have taught this same idea of fuelish 
consumption to the BILLION citizens of China and India who now all want to 
buy cars and consume fuel like we do and it is likely that they will have 
the money to out bid us for oil using our own money that we pay for goods 
that we used to make in this country.  By the way, that bottle of water that 
you might have in your hand generally costs more per gallon than gasoline or 
diesel and is potentially 10 times more environmentally harmful than a 
gallon of gasoline/diesel due to the amount of fuel and energy necessary to 
bottle and transport it and the massive waste involved.
As far as refineries and such, I read something recently (don't remember 
where off the top of my head) where the CEO of ExxonMobil said that they 
don't intend to build ANY more refineries or enlarge any of their current 
refineries.  The reason?  It would not be a good investment of money because 
they expect through put (read oil production) to decrease rapidly over the 
next 20-30 years, not near long enough to make back the billions necessary 
to build and operate the facilities.
As to oil in the ground.  There is oil in the ground in Alaska and other 
places.  But there is NOT enough oil left in all of North America to make 
the US energy self sufficient.  Even if there are 10 billion barrels left in 
Alaska (and knowing what I know about how oil companies and the US 
government estimate oil reserves, it is not near that much)  it would feed 
our addiction to oil for no longer than about 3 months.  I have close 
connections with many in the local industry here in Texas.  Everybody is now 
chasing wells that make 10 barrels or less per day not because it adds 
anything to US supplies (they really don't) but simply because the price of 
oil is high enough to make a profit.
Finally as to taxes.  Here in Texas, the no tax folks have found a solution 
to gas taxes for roads...simply sell the roads to the highest bidder and let 
them charge tolls forever.  Our Governor seems to think that foreign 
companies that make donations to his reelection fund are especially good for 
owning state roads.
Lets face it folks, there is a price for living the way we do.  Hayden

"Those who would sacrifice Liberty for Security, deserve neither Liberty nor 
Security." B. Franklin
"This country would be a lot easier to run if it were a dictatorship....as 
long as I was the Dictator!" Pres. George W. Bush
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>>....snip.....But isn't the point that the oil from the sand is so hard to
>>that the price would have to be MUCH higher before it was worth it?
> .......................They passed the breakpoint. I have been interested
> in those Canadian oil sands for years. Two months ago a middle-eastern
> investment company bought out the Canadian oil sands company in which I 
> had
> invested. They bought the entire company, took it private, and sent me a
> check for the value of my stock. I made a nice profit, but that wasn't why
> I acquired the investment in the first place. They are using the profits
> from their middle-eastern deep wells to acquire the sources they will need
> in the future, when those deep wells are empty.  IMHO, The only investment
> I have left that would be more profitable is a VW or two running on free
> french-fry grease.
> Doyt
> Rabbit and Jetta, both on $4.00 diesel so far
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