[Vwdiesel] It's peak oil, duh.

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Thu Mar 13 13:31:48 PDT 2008

At 09:51 PM 12/03/2008 -0500, you wrote:
>Been there, done that.  It will work for a while, but before long you 
>will get a buildup of waxy substance inside the fuel system which will 
>eventually cause problems (not to mention ridiculously frequent fuel 
>filter changes).  The "wax" precipitates out when you mix veggie and 
>diesel.  My apologies if I did not use technical terms.

I have been running 50%  used canola (rapeseed) in 2 cars for 2-3 years, and
have had no wax or filter problems. This year I continued to run 50% through
the winter with no problems. I use the block heater for an hour in the
morning for the first start of the day, and it starts on the first stroke,
and the rest of the day it's ok without the block heater. Without the block
heater it will still start, down to 10f, but begins to be a bit of a
struggle below that.

I have a small bottle of canola (used) out in the cellarway, outdoors, that
I check from time to time, and have never seen any cloudiness or significant
thickening even at 5f to10f.

I know by experiment soybean oil solidifies at 32f, starts to get cloudy at

I strain my  canola thru a fine wire strainer to remove the lumps, then mix
an equal amount of road diesel, then filter it to 10 microns. The OEM
filter in the car takes care of the rest.

Filters last at least a year, the normal change interval.

I use ONLY canola, YMMV.



If I use straight ULSD for a while, I start to spring leaks in the HP side
of the fuel system, at the line connections, pump, injectors, etc. The cars
seem to like something a bit thicker for their health.

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