[Vwdiesel] no diesel flow to the injection pump

Dave vwzoo at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 13 17:27:43 PDT 2008


   I went out to start up my 82 VW Rabbit diesel truck
after sitting for the Winter and it won't start.  I am
not getting diesel flow from the fuel filter to the
injection pump. It's filled with air, no diesel.
  I loosened  injector 2 and 3 connections and opened
the vent like it said in my manual and I start to get
flow with lots of air bubbles, when I turn over the
starter, but not enough to see it coming out of the
injector connections.  Anybody else got any hints.  

   If the pumps bad I have a couple of injection pumps
I took out of running Rabbit diesels that if worse
comes to worse I could try.



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