[Vwdiesel] Glow plug light flashing

Andrew Buc AndrewBuc at staxman.net
Thu Mar 13 20:47:06 PDT 2008

I had a concern about the light flashing back in September, and you  
folks told me at the time that unless the light flashed continuously,  
it was likely a false positive. Looks like this was correct, as the  
car ('84 Quantum) is still running fine. I decided that it would be  
nice to stop the flickering even if I didn't really have water in the  
fuel, and a couple weeks ago I had my mechanic replace the components  
that can cause the flickering.

However, this past Sunday the light began to blink quite a bit. Not  
continuously, but more than the occasional flicker. I was just a few  
blocks from home, so I drove home and drained a bit of fuel out of  
the fuel filter into a clear container. I'm 95% sure that what I  
drained went in the container, not on the ground, and it looked like  
100% diesel, no water, to me--but then I've never done this b4.

I've driven the car every day since, and no flickering. Is it  
possible that there was a little water causing the flickering, even  
if I didn't see it? If so, maybe I should drain a little fuel now and  
then as a preventive measure? Thanks for your thoughts.

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