[Vwdiesel] Glow plug light flashing

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Mar 13 22:47:34 PDT 2008

Does the Q have a water separator at the tank?  There is no sensor in 
the filter that I'm aware of.  If you have the water separator at the 
tank, the flashing is an indicator of water there, not at the filter.
Sound right Andrew?


Andrew Buc wrote:
> I had a concern about the light flashing back in September, and you  
> folks told me at the time that unless the light flashed continuously,  
> it was likely a false positive. Looks like this was correct, as the  
> car ('84 Quantum) is still running fine. I decided that it would be  
> nice to stop the flickering even if I didn't really have water in the  
> fuel, and a couple weeks ago I had my mechanic replace the components  
> that can cause the flickering.
> However, this past Sunday the light began to blink quite a bit. Not  
> continuously, but more than the occasional flicker. I was just a few  
> blocks from home, so I drove home and drained a bit of fuel out of  
> the fuel filter into a clear container. I'm 95% sure that what I  
> drained went in the container, not on the ground, and it looked like  
> 100% diesel, no water, to me--but then I've never done this b4.
> I've driven the car every day since, and no flickering. Is it  
> possible that there was a little water causing the flickering, even  
> if I didn't see it? If so, maybe I should drain a little fuel now and  
> then as a preventive measure? Thanks for your thoughts.
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