[Vwdiesel] Starting problem: '85 Jetta 1.6L non-turbo

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Fri Mar 14 23:40:13 PDT 2008

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iatse321 at yahoo.com writes:

> After being driven, for even a short distance, and
> after the engine is shut off, it is hard to re-start,
> and sometimes will not crank, as if the battery is
> weak.
> This happens when the glow plug indicator does not
> light up, as if the car is warm enough to start
> without the glow plugs heating up.

  Since cranking speed is slow, it doesn't sound like it's gp 
related.  Either coincendental or the lack of power keeps 
the gp relay from working correctly.
  If you have a DMM or VOM then turn on heater, lights, 
etc and check "across" your pos and ground connections 
from the battery to the engine/body at each connection 
and length of wire.  You could use the amps or volt scales 
I believe  (it's been a while since I tried it.)  Otherwise you 
can simply loosen, clean and reconnect the connections 
starting with the most likely culprit, the battery terminals.
  Might be a good time to upgrade those battery cables to 
6V spec cables.  :-)

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