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James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun Mar 16 16:03:21 PDT 2008

In my area (eastern SK) aside from the red colorant that is added while 
the fuel is being put on the delivery truck, there is no difference 
whatsoever between home heating oil and winter diesel.  It is fuel, and 
is exactly what the truck was designed to run on.

The bottom of your heating oil tank may have contamination, be aware of 
that- use a paint filter at least.

Regarding the tax issue, some people advocate the objectionable yet 
seemingly popular practice of running automatic transmission fluid as an 
additive to diesel fuel.  Other than coking up the injectors, and 
swelling up the o-rings so they leak later, it also turns the clear 
diesel red.  I have heard of individuals that explain away the red color 
by claiming that they use auto trans fluid as an additive, and the fuel 
cops actually believe them, because they have certainly heard that 
before.  Having an opened bottle in the box of the truck substantiates 
the claim.  Adding a few drops of the stuff to the tank will do no harm, 
and you can tell honestly them there is auto trans fluid in the fuel 
with a straight face, and not actually have to lie about it to claim 
that. 2 cycle additive is also a good thing, and darkens the fuel 
somewhat.  Shop around for the dark tarry stuff.  :-)


Craig Osborn wrote:
> Is it OK to use home heating fuel in my caddy?  I have a small amount of
> leftover home heating oil, as we recently converted to a natural gas central
> heating system.  The fuel delivery company will take the fuel away at no
> charge, but they also will not reimburse me for the fuel.  I would rather
> use it in my truck if it will not do any damage. 
> Craig 
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