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> If I was paying someone to do it, it'd be cheaper to let the car 
> get reposessed.  I'd take a loan out on the car just to make sure it 
> happened. 
> Of course, on the A4 SI engine cars, there were the ignition coils that 
> were no good and whatever was making them all burn oil like a '72 
> Scottsdale.

  Indeed.  If you "level" the field and actuay PAY someone to 
fix your car all the time (like all those gaser drivers out there) 
then the cost of diesel repair isn't necessarily so much more 
than a gasser.  Diagnostics generally take longer due to the 
variety of problems that have the same symptom.  Diesels are 
simple enough to diagnose that we do it every day right here, 
never having seen nor heard the car!  That's a comliment to 
the engine as well as this group.  :-)
  Yup, there are gassers that have really had expenses.  The 
Ford distributors, Audi (and VW?) coil packs, early Dodge EFI, 
even some of the early VW CIS and I think just about everybody 
whined about (was it Motronic?).  Geez, a rebuild on a pump is 
still around $500.  You pay that much just for a replacement 
wheel or tire on most new cars nowadays!
  Dad's 300D does poorly but makes about 28mpg.  A friend's 
similar bodied but much more powerful MB gasser is parked for 
the Winter while he drives his Toyota diesel pu!  I think he makes 
around 20 give and take.  My work van makes about 11mpg so 
it's been parked for Dad's Rabbit pickup at 39mpg.  Our Passat 
Wagon makes 40 to 45 compared to the Caravan it replace that 
made 14 to 20mpg.  Although it's not apples to apples cars, it IS 
comparable usage vehicles.  Then people ask how I can afford to 
drive a diesel!  I just say 40mpg and smile.  :-D

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