[Vwdiesel] It's peak oil, duh.

peter blake pila47 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 16:37:47 PDT 2008

  That is exactly right and well put. The unintended consequences
of that decision by big oil is to drive guys like me and many on 
this list to find alternative fuels to burn.  At $4 a gallon for
diesel, biodiesel production on a small scale is beginning to look
doable.  I know biodiesel has it's own unintended consequences on
a large scale and maybe it's not even an overall good thing for the
environment. But,on a personal level, it might just be the way to 
go forward.
--- Greg Johnson <gregsj2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've been lurking here for awhile.   I currently drive a MB diesel
> but am
> very interested in the upcoming Jetta Sportwagen TDI.
> On the one hand, the oil situation is more complex than we believe. 
> Yes, it
> easier to process than gas; getting rid of the sulfur probably raised
> the
> bar a bit.  Supply and demand is worse than we think because unlike
> gas
> drivers, who only compete against other cars, we also compete against
> ships,
> tug boats, locomotives, trucks, construction equipment and so forth.
> On a more simplistic level, the EPA claims that if, as it is in
> Europe, 1/3
> of the light vehicles in the U.S. were diesels, we would save 1.4
> million
> barrels of oil *per day.*   With oil trading at $100 per barrel, Big
> Oil is
> not going to let that happen, so they simply raised the price of
> diesel
> above that of gas and by an amount that's similar to the diesel vs.
> gas mpg
> advantage and that simply and easily takes away the financial reason
> for
> folks to buy the diesels that will soon be coming to the U.S.   In
> other
> words, if a diesel gets 30% better fuel mileage than a similar gas
> car, you
> just raise the price of diesel by 30% and there is no advantage.
> Greg J
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