[Vwdiesel] re-torqueing the head

paul lew biovolks at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 17:23:12 PDT 2008

Does that torquing instruction (below)apply to any type of head bolt on vw diesel?
  I bought my latest 90 diesel turbo Jetta last year, and the head gasket was replaced 
  about 1-2 years previous.
  Everything runs fine, there is just a very slight leak from the gasket to the outside of engine.
  It wasn't done by a vw mechanic, and the person I bought it from didn't go back in for
  any retorquing.
  There's no way of me finding out if they were regular bolts or stretch.
  I know, it might be a slight warp in the head, but it would be nice if all I need to do is re-torque.
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 01:10:02 EDT
From: LBaird119 at aol.com

> Raceware says to not torque the studs more than 50 ft. lbs. Has
> increased the torque on the studs to something more than 50 ft. lbs.?
> noticed the Bentley has some of the stretch bolts pulled up to 65 ft.
> These studs are the 11 mm studs.

  The 11mm bolts aren't stretch.  That's why they go to 65lbs.
  I have the RT-106 instructions right here.  "Torque the nuts in 
three increments using the torque pattern in the factory service
manual.  Step 1 40Nm., (30) ft/lbs.  step 2 60Nm., (45) ft/lbs.  
FINAL TORQUE  80Nm., 60ft/lbs.
  We recomment running the engine until it reaches normal operating 
temperature then shutting it off and alloing it to cool to room 
temperature, then re-torque the nuts to 80Nm., (60) ft/lbs. again."
  Then I say follow most head gaskets recommendation of a 
re-torqe after 600 miles.  (some gasket instructions say 1000 miles 
but I believe it's a misprint since most seem to say 1000 miles / 
600 Km.

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