[Vwdiesel] re-torqueing the head

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Someone will come up with the torque procedure for you. If I were you I
would invest in a Bentley shop book for your model car. I'm pretty sure you
have 12mm stretch bolts as stock. If your head gasket is leaking and you
know nothing about the bolts or the previous owners procedures I would
suggest the prudent thing is to buy a new head gasket, new stretch bolts and
a new timing belt if you are not sure how many miles since it was new.
Blowing a head gasket is bad but a broken timing belt on a VW diesel will
bring you 8 bent valves.
Brian Decker
Boisfort Rabbit Rescue

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Does that torquing instruction (below)apply to any type of head bolt on vw
  I bought my latest 90 diesel turbo Jetta last year, and the head gasket
was replaced 
  about 1-2 years previous.
  Everything runs fine, there is just a very slight leak from the gasket to
the outside of engine.
  It wasn't done by a vw mechanic, and the person I bought it from didn't go
back in for
  any retorquing.
  There's no way of me finding out if they were regular bolts or stretch.
  I know, it might be a slight warp in the head, but it would be nice if all
I need to do is re-torque.
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 01:10:02 EDT
From: LBaird119 at aol.com

> Raceware says to not torque the studs more than 50 ft. lbs. Has
> increased the torque on the studs to something more than 50 ft. lbs.?
> noticed the Bentley has some of the stretch bolts pulled up to 65 ft.
> These studs are the 11 mm studs.

  The 11mm bolts aren't stretch.  That's why they go to 65lbs.
  I have the RT-106 instructions right here.  "Torque the nuts in 
three increments using the torque pattern in the factory service
manual.  Step 1 40Nm., (30) ft/lbs.  step 2 60Nm., (45) ft/lbs.  
FINAL TORQUE  80Nm., 60ft/lbs.
  We recomment running the engine until it reaches normal operating 
temperature then shutting it off and alloing it to cool to room 
temperature, then re-torque the nuts to 80Nm., (60) ft/lbs. again."
  Then I say follow most head gaskets recommendation of a 
re-torqe after 600 miles.  (some gasket instructions say 1000 miles 
but I believe it's a misprint since most seem to say 1000 miles / 
600 Km.

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