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Thu Mar 20 09:28:28 PDT 2008

  None of mine have 14" but considering a 155/80-13 is standard 
on them (equates to a 175/70 and 205/60 in actual rolling distance.)
Yours sounds pretty close.  195/665-15 is a standard 914 and even 
some older 911 tire so shouldn't be too hard to find but most will 
likely be H rated and more spendy.
  Your best solution would be to swap transmissions to an FF 
or an ACH (I think).  Otherwise by the time yo get a big enough 
tire to drop the rpm where you want it, you're pushing a lot 
more tire down the road and your speedometer will be beyond 
correction by standard drive gears.  It'd proably be quicker and 
cheaper in the long run too.  Of course with this "new thing" with 
running 94" wheels on everything we may soon not be able to buy 
13" and 14 " tires!  Costco now only has one 13" tire available 
instead of 3 or 4.

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MWoodland at Dentsply.com writes:

> Dear diesel fans,
> I have a '91 1.6 NA with the dread AWY transmission, and the tires look
> suspiciously small.. I think 185-60-14.
> Its great in the city, but is only comfortable up to 50-55 mph, and
> screaming by 65.
> I can't find the recommended tire size in the owners manual, and would like
> to know:
> A.The recommended size for the stock 14" wheel
> and based on your hard-won experience
> B. The maximum size I can run to get a better final drive ratio, (lowering
> the rpms at highway speed) but not overwhelm the 1.6 NA.
> (based on any wheel size, i.e. if you're running 195-65-15s comfortably,
> I'll convert based on diameter)
> Many thanks in advance,
> Mark

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