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Hi Mark;
	I have a 1981 Dasher with a 9Q quantum tranny and a 1.6 N/A diesel.
I am running 185-65-15 tires. At 3000 rpm's it is going 72 mph. 70 mph
equals 3000 rpm's. The Dasher weighs 2600 lbs and at 70 to 72 mph it is
happy with still some acceleration and it gets 42 to 45 mpg depending on
conditions. At 60 mph it is turning 2472 rpm and will get 50+ and even more
with a tailwind. Early this year with a 50 mph tail wind I drove from
Tehachapi CA to Needles CA driving 60 mph and it got 67 mpg. You could get a
tranny and tire combination for your car that would give 79 mph at 3000 rpm
but that is too high for best results with a 1.6 N/A. That is what I was
running in my Rabbit diesel pickup with a 1.6 N/A. 5th gear was pretty
sluggish. With a turbo I think the higher ratio will be fine. I will be
running the same FF tranny with my 185-65-15 tires when I get my completely
rebuilt 1.5 diesel engine built and run it with my BAE turbo and an
intercooler. I hope that that combo will give me 50 mpg at 70 mph (2884
rpm). If it does I will be a most happy camper.
Brian Decker
Boisfort Rabbit Rescue

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Dear diesel fans,
I have a '91 1.6 NA with the dread AWY transmission, and the tires look
suspiciously small.. I think 185-60-14.

Its great in the city, but is only comfortable up to 50-55 mph, and
screaming by 65.

I can't find the recommended tire size in the owners manual, and would like
to know:

A.The recommended size for the stock 14" wheel

and based on your hard-won experience

B. The maximum size I can run to get a better final drive ratio, (lowering
the rpms at highway speed) but not overwhelm the 1.6 NA.
(based on any wheel size, i.e. if you're running 195-65-15s comfortably,
I'll convert based on diameter)

Many thanks in advance,


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