[Vwdiesel] [TDI-conversion] Vanagon Westy diesel available

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Mon Mar 24 20:30:09 PDT 2008

Sorry everyone, I am located in Dallas/Ft. Wprth, Texas area.   I will  
post that to the webpage.  As for the AAZ from Japan, it came out of a  
Jetta or a Golf, I don't know which.  Came in a crate of low mileage  
engines that were taken out of cars with 30-40000 miles when they  
either have to replace the engine or replace the car by LAW.  Hayden

On Mar 24, 2008, at 10:05 PM, Scott Daniel - Shazam wrote:

> Bummer for you Hayden.
> I scanned the ad briefly and did not see there or here........WHERE  
> Sorry to rag - it's always 'what it is' 'where it is' and 'how much'  
> for the
> most basics.
> Please put 'in Uruguay' in the subject line ok ?   everyone .
> Looks like you have an extreme diesel addiction. I'm so sorry to  
> hear of
> your misfortune !
> A Japanese AAZ TD engine ???
> Didn't know they had those in Japan.
> Scott

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