[Vwdiesel] can i safely apply heat to steering rack/fluid line attachment...

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Wed Mar 26 15:13:07 PDT 2008

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rgreeley2 at hotmail.com writes:

> as part of a gas to diesel. auto to manual swap, the steering rack is being 
> swapped out as the
> shifter brackets are factory welds to the said steering rack. I am concerned 
> that the heat will damage the seals in the rack  practice attempts on juck  
> yard racks have led to rounded 
> fitting nuts, I finally used a vise grips to loosen the fitting nuts and 
> would do that again as i believe heat will damage the racks seals.
> thanks, ray

  Sounds like you have stuck bolts?  The best thing would be 
oxy/acetylene heat right on the bolts themselves.  Just orange 
and then work back and forth.  This shouldn't heat the rack that 
much and also do the job on the stuck bolt.  Hot and quick is the 

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