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James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun Aug 2 23:11:49 PDT 2009

I could swear that the electronic Manuals are for people that want to frig
with their computer, not fix a car.  Registration process was uphill both
ways underwater, other than that, it was okay.
The electronic manual is pretty much a necessity for investigating DTC's
(diagnostic trouble codes) so if you have VCDS (vag-com) you're pretty much
joined at the hip to the damn thing. I can't imagine working flat rate and
having to piss away so much time on a computer as opposed to just looking it
up in an index in a paper book.

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> Does anyone else have absolute fits getting the electronic Bentley
> manuals to work?  I don't pull it up very often, but every time I do, I
> have to spend more time working on the computer than I do on the car.
> Last time required a $20 upgrade just to make it compatible with newer
> versions of Acrobat.  Now, I can't get it to come up without crashing.
> Needless to say, I feel that the CD version is a waste of money.  Lots
> of money.
> I've re-installed the software several times and I have version 3.0.
> Granted, I built this computer and installed Windows (XP) and
> everything, so there's always a chance that something is just wrong
> with
> it, but I'm out of ideas and am curious if I'm the only one.
> -Shalyn
> I'd rather be turning wrenches than punching keys.
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