[Vwdiesel] SCORE! new (used) 2001 TDi Golf (w/ a few issues)

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Tue Feb 3 21:18:16 PST 2009

Good for you Rolf, congratulations.
You really need to have a look at getting Vag-Com or what is now called 
VCDS (for vag-com diagnostic system)  I've had it since it was beta, 
it's highly functional, better than vag's own software if you ask me. 
it does it all, better than skunk and junk obd-II code readers.

01 golfs were good to my knowledge, deal with the issues, you should 
have a pretty good car.
I know a guy that WILL NOT part with his, he loves it.
First off, clean the GP contacts, read up on this at Fred's TDI site. 
You need to clean and dilectric grease the harness ends.  The system 
compares two plugs with teh other 2 plugs.  If there's a difference, the 
light comes on.  light can be on for a plethora of emissions issues, but 
if it's suspected glow plug  and the plugs are good, try that, and check 
the plugs with a meter while you're at it.  The GP harnesses were shit, 
and the new ones are same, usually a clean and grease fixes that.

Rolf Pechukas wrote:
> OK, they're going for $6-8k on eBay
> I just snagged this for $2500
> 135k miles, and mostly great throughout
> original owner, sweet kid moving to Cali in a couple days - motivated  
> seller
> no rust, runs like a top, tranny snic snic, brakes good, good rubber,  
> all lights work, dash fine, interior fine w/ couple exceptions,  
> exterior flawless w/ one exception, suspension feels good
> certainly passed the driving test
> handful of issues I'll prolly be looking for help with:
> - engine light is on, and a history of GP problems
> my guess is the old wet relay = burned out plugs story - guy said come  
> to think of it there was a water issue when leaves would collect in  
> the windshield - but could also be something different
> he's had it in to shop a few times over the GP issue over the years
> (nervous abt this computerized car - everything seems so inaccessible)
> - driver's door inside panel dismantled, apparently the crank handle  
> didn't work,. kid tried to fix it and got flummoxed by Torx  head screws
> shouldn't be too tough
> - pass side dent in bumper
> I'll need to pull or beat it out and bondo/repaint
> tiny little side light cracked
> - maybe pass side CV
> - maybe slight clunk in pass side susp
> - interior dome light and heater console lights don't work
> - trunk needs a key to open
> other than that, good to go
> I guess my main concern is that Ck Engine light, and the GP issues
> is this a known prob w 2001 Golfs?
> I know electricals in general suck in VWs
> thoughts? thanks all
> (psyched to not be spending $8k on a ride)
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