[Vwdiesel] ULSD

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Wed Feb 4 14:20:00 PST 2009

  If I use my crystal ball, I see a pump rebuild in 
>your future...
>> I haven't been able to drive anyway for the last month and a half, with this
>> cast on my leg, But it comes off next week.  WHOOPEE.
>Skydiving again?

I doubt if this pump will get overhauled. it was OLD when it went on this
reman engine, and the reman is now old too, (did the gasket 2 years ago)

Too many TBs to count. The shaft "bush" was wobbly when I put the engine in
the car. Went this far with the seal replaced, and running the TB a hair on
the loose side. Perhaps using the seal for a bearing??

The cast:      Thought I had posted this?

Fell down the outside cellar entrance on Dec7.  Use it daily. Been using the
same since 1964. Have had a couple of harmless tumbles, but this one got me.

Bent the right foot 90* out sideways and slightly splintered the ends of the
tib and fib malleoli . Doc says he found and repaced all the pieces and put
them back with 3 screws (screwed by the health system again)

Not much pain but casts damn uncomfortable. will be glad to be rid of it.

Been walking on it 2 wks, no problems.


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