[Vwdiesel] alternator adjustment strap

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Feb 5 10:19:47 PST 2009

It's just garden variety mild steel if it's the one I think you're 
referring to Doug.  A good candidate to substitute would be UHMW 
polyethylene.  Super easy to machine, (being plastic) comes in round 
stock, tougher than a pig's nose against abrasion and vibration, and 
easy to press fit, even with a swing press (hammer).
There was a rubber bushing in some with an iron core, but the poly rod 
will work well.   Ask for ultra high molecular weight plastic bushing 
material, if they give you a blank stare.  It's available in inch sizes 
by eighths. Usually carried by your friendly neighborhood steel merchant.
Touch the bushing to a grinder, if you get garden variety sparks, it's 
just mild steel.  no sparks it aluminium or some other non-ferrous, 
feathery sparks it's carbon steel.

Doug & Pam wrote:
> On one of the Caddy's, I have the two eared alternator with the adjusting
> strap under the alternator. It is difficult to get to because it also has
> power steering and the hoses are in the way as well as the water pump
> bracket. I lost the pivot bolt from the adjusting strap and the alternator
> dropped down out of position. When I disassembled it to correct the problem,
> I found that the adjusting strap seems to have a bushing at the pivot bolt.
> Before losing the pivot bolt, the bolt beat an egg shaped hole in the
> bushing. What is this bushing made from? Can they be replaced? Can they be
> substituted?
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