[Vwdiesel] Driver window cranks hard. The glass is tight in the tracks.

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> How does one "SIMPLY" deal with the tight tracks on the edges of the glass 
> so the window rolls up and down freely? What actually works well to resolve 
> this problem?
> Thanks, guys.

  First might be a good scrubbing.  Dirt, moss, etc tend to load up 
the tracks in certain environments.  It also loads up the bottom of 
the door, clogs the drains and causes moisture containment and rust.
  There are 2 to 3 bolts/nuts holding each track, as I recall.  Each 
one can be adjusted a little bit, slightly loosen them and since your 
lift piece is already off the glass it makes the next part easy.  
Slide the window up and down by hand, adjusting the track bolts 
so that it still moves well but won't fall out.  That should help.  Then 
the lift piece usually will tap back on.  A LITTLE silicone spray might 
help if it's still not as good as you want.  It should slide down with 
just gravity with the lift piece off or the two nuts that hold it to the 
  Might be a good time to pull the few bolts and regulator to clean and 
lube it as well.  Check your door stay and door latch while you're 
in there doing stuff.  They need cleaned and lubed once in a while 
as well.

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