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> Rebuilt Head, new Valves, Guides, Seals ect., used the old
> Lifters.

  Did you grind valves/seats?  If so then you could've ended up with 
too much stem protrusion into the top of the head.  Valve sinks into 
head farther when ground, then the seat, you end up needing to 
take .010 to .020 off the end of the stem so the lifter is at the 
correct rest height and isn't holding the valve open.  Otherwise 
it's probably a dead lifter.  Bent valve usually makes for a loose 
lifter when the cam is up.
  "Bench testing" is pulling the valve cover, turning the cam lobes 
up and prying the lifter down with a screwdriver.  I tend to prefer to 
do it on a warm engine so they're pumped up.  If they squash easily 
then it's bad.  (from somewhere in Bentley).

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