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> my injector was leasking profusely from the base so i replaced it with a 
> spare from a spare block. it looked really similiar but not exactly the same. 
> the distance between the end of the taper seat? to tip was the same and so was 
> the diameter of tip. it ran good the first time and then it sstarted leaking 
> again. so i tightened.
> it still leaked and ran rougher. is this because of a little crush shield 
> under the injector in the block?
> how does one take that out, a little hooked picked?
> do they crush i got what was called an injector shield from the parts place, 
> it looks sthe same but how does it conform to seal?
> should i replace all four with the different injectors. is that acceptable, 
> theyre both 1.5 blocks
> thanks

  Was it leaking at the injector to head joint or the upper to lower half 
of the injector joint?  If it's at the head, that's not your leak.  That's 
just a little air getting by.  Any fuel you see there is from higher up 
on the injector; the two halves joint, the return hoses, nipples or 
supply line connection.
  If it's from the two halves joint then disassembly and refacing the 
mating joints is required.  Easier to do a rebuilt injector.  
  There are two body styles.  One has a taller top half, which I've 
heard referred to as an Audi injector.  Not positive about that but 
they do interchange.  Nothing to do with being a 1.5 or not.  The 
1.5 DOES use a different nozzle than the two different ones used on 
the 1.6.  If it's running poorly then odds are the nozzle is bad or 
there's some crap in it.  You can run it floored for a bit and see if 
it clears up.  Otherwise it's disassembly and cleaning, which rarely 
helps but DOES usually make it leak.  :-P

  The way the heat shield seals is the center ring is slightly high and 
pushes down as you torque the injector.  When removing an injector 
ALWAYS push toward the head or use an impact wrench.  Lateral, 
forward (Rabbit and Jetta, right side on a Q, Dash, or 4K) can bust 
out the thread portion of the head, where the injector goes in.  Same 
for torquing one in.  Make SURE you don't get any pulling force, just 
twisting.  Use your other hand to keep the rachet and extension from 
tilting and exerting side forces.
  You CAN reuse a heat shield but you have to put it upside down on a 
socket the size of the OD then use a tapered/center punch in the hole. 
It must be big enough to make good contact all around.  A couple 
hard taps with a hammer usually does it.  You can lift and look at it 
to see if it's all raised slightly.  Usually there'll be a low area you'll 
to tilt the punch toward and give it one more tap.
  Removal of the shields can be done with a magnet, strong hook, 
cranking the engine (be properly careful as they WILL shoot out 
quite a distance with good speed!) or lots of digging and scraping and 
pulling, depending on the service it's recieved.

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