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> It's a good thing I read that article.  I didn't know that my TDI did 
> 0-60 in a week, bored me to death before I had the chance to fill the 
> first tank, was styled like a lump of cold mashed potatoes, and handled 
> like a couch. 
> To think that all this time, I'd blown off auto writers as out-of-touch. 
> Then what do they pick to use as a project car, a VW Diesel. 
> -Shalyn the disgruntled

  Indeed!  Badmouth the handling of a current Jetta and then claim 
an '81 Rabbit as your "ultimate"???  Geez, at least an '80 or earlier 
has better suspension characteristics to start with.
  I liked the comments that most marques already have a 70mpg 
diesel.  Just import it!  And how BAE's already done it, 20 years 
ago, with the stock engine.  Wish I'd taken more time and gotten 
my Rabbit to that goal.  Still could I suppose but probably can't 
get the wife to drive it nowadays.  She beat 55mpg and 51mpg 
on two tanks one trip, worn engine and all.
  I'll be interested how they transform the wind drag coeficient from 
what .7? to something reasonable.  As Jake once commented "The 
aerodynamics of a flying brick".  ;-D

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