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Apparently to get on the audience part of the show there's a very long wait, 
technically 20 years IIRC...
It's a good show because they get to test drive the latest cars, and are not 
afraid of  being extremely rude about cars they don't  like.  Last night it 
was a concept car; a Golf V12 IIRC...  0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds.
A bit like my Quantum ;o)

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> Top Gear is a British car show shown on BBC2.  The episodes shown on BBC 
> America are pretty butchered up; they cut around 20 minutes out of each 
> episode to fit commercials.  I've seen all the episodes, and can vouch 
> that it's a great program.  Torrents are available at 
> http://www.finalgear.com/
> The crew converting the Rabbit is from the American version of Top Gear. 
> They've filmed a pilot plus a couple more episodes, and they are currently 
> shopping it around.  NBC passed on it (suckers), so they're trying for 
> cable.  If you look at the Rabbit they picked, it's a Westmorland car 
> built in PA, which was not sold in Europe.
> It's possible that the Polo engine could bolt up to the Rabbit, as long as 
> the mounts are the same.  One of the problems with the mk4 Golf TDI is 
> they changed how the engine mounts to the car.  As long as the Polo hasn't 
> changed, anything can be made to work.  Hopefully we'll get some Polo's 
> stateside, and can start experiencing a proper VW 'supermini'.
> -Matt
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>>To my knowledge, TopGear is a British car magazine published by the BBC. 
>>They also have an automotive comedy show that appears on Monday nights on 
>>BBC America. You can watch it on Dish satellite channel 135. Don't know 
>>about various cable channels or Direct TV satellite. If you are a gear 
>>head you will most likely enjoy these shows, especially if you enjoy 
>>seeing foreign as opposed to American iron & many cars you can't buy in 
>>the USA. However, keep in mind their orientation is towards speed vs. 
>>economy. Also, the 70 MPG probably relates to Imperial vs. USA gallons. 
>>FYI for converting, one USA gallons= 3.785 liters.
>>This article makes me wonder how easy it would be to transplant a 3 
>>cylinder VW Polo TDI diesel into a first generation Rabbit. Also, to you 
>>members living in the UK, how much are good used Polo TDI engines going 
>>for in the UK in junk yards? I think you call them "breaker" yards. For 
>>that matter, what would a good Ford Focus diesel engine & manual 
>>transmission go for? Or would a Focus diesel engine bolt up to a Focus gas 
>>engine transmission? As you in the UK probably know, we can't get the 
>>diesel Focus here but I believe it is legal in most states to convert gas 
>>car to a diesel.
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