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sorry, forgot that!  Everett, WA.


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Whereabous do you live Rudy?

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 11:58 PM, Rudy <petersenrudy at hotmail.com> wrote:

I have a 91 Jetta for sale, thought I'd see if anyone on the list is
interested before I list it, probably on Ebay.  If anyone would like to see
pictures, please contact me in private Email and I'll send them.

Engine completely remanufactured including new .020" oversize Pistons fitted
to VW spec, Glyco Main Bearings and 3 piece Thrust Bearings, Kolbenshmidt
Rod Bearings, Polished Crankshaft, new 36mm Oil Pump, new Meyle Water Pump
with cast Impellor, new Freeze Plugs, Intermediate Shaft Bearings, Bosch
reman Injectors, new Glow Plugs, Timing Belt and Tensioner, reground
Flywheel and Sachs Clutch Kit, all new Gaskets and Seals.

Trans has new Input Shaft Seal, Clutch Pushrod Seal and Bushing, new Axel
Flange Seals and filled with Redline Synthetic MTL.

Head completely rebuilt including Milling and new Exhaust Valves, Guides and

All Machine work done by Autosport Seattle, Short Block was assembled by
them, I put everything together and installed.

I've driven Car about 450 miles to get the Rings seated and to get it on
it's way to being broken in properly.  Car runs and drives very well and is
in excellent condition inside and out.  Red with Grey Cloth.  Sunroof.  AC
complete but not working.  We could talk about delivery.


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