[Vwdiesel] 1998 tdi no start

jonathan hoehl jjhoehl at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 6 11:35:10 PST 2009

Ok guys, 


So this is the Jetta from a month or so ago.  I got the car to run after fixing a ton of stuff.  Found just one suprise.


James, on your recommendation I got the 'VAG-Com' from RossTech and I've got all of the timing tools as well.  So, Matt (in Loveland) if you need to use any of this stuff, let me know (I'm in Parker but find myself in FoCo a lot too).



Here's some of the stuff that was wrong, and it might not be all related or flow, it's just for info;


Intermittent electrical power: cleaned grounds, replaced 109 relay, not finished there, other random stuff still doesn't work and PO butchered connector at ECU.


No glow cycle: bad temp sender on the engine.


No start: timing way-off (don't know how that happened)


No fuel: stuck check valve (in-supply-line, just past fuel sender), didn't know these cars had those - there's a return check valve too.  I just drilled it out, and no problems yet, but haven't tested in warm weather or low fuel...


And, way overfull with very thin oil.  Hmm.



Anyways, car runs very well now, good power, but still smokes minimally grey/mostly white during idle and relaxed driving.  Doesn't seem to smoke when driving hard, but when idling just after a hard run, car smokes profusely.  Smells like burning oil.  No coolant loss.


So, one more question for the list; stuck rings, bad turbo...?  How can you test the difference?


thanks again, and hope this helps too!





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